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Tuesday, July 08, 2014


This is my first blog here at the Flagship this month and I only had 8 posts total in June.  I only have blogged 12 of the 25 days I fished in June at the Fishing Log Blog so far (but if you go to the link you will see I blogged all 4 trips I've taken this month so far.)  I really should have posted Horny Toad Goes BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! SWOOSH! here at the Flagship this month at least.  I've got to blame my lack of blogging on fatigue from the two tournaments and Pete's short stay.  I didn't even blog who won the Minnesota Bowfin Championship this year yet here at Bass Pundit.  And it's almost Vikings training camp.

C' Mon Man!!!

Fishing Stats So Far This Year:
However, I have been keeping my fishing log at Fish Swami pretty much religiously.  I am happy to report I only caught 63 less fish in June of this year compared to June of last year.  Had we not had that fast warm up in early June, the numbers would have been even closer.  I've gotten 20 more pike this year than I did in all of last year and 6 more smallies.  I didn't catch a single smallmouth last year.  I am way down this year in the bass count compared to last year, but 538 is still a respectable number.  Topwater fish are way down from last year when I already had about 100 at this time on the Stanley Phantom alone.  My Grass Pig numbers are way down, but still a respectable 150 fish caught on them; The Grass Pig is my #1 lure again this year at least so far.  My craw tube numbers are up over last years, but I haven't gotten much on a Chigger Craw;  I just haven't fished Chigger Craws this year.  I did catch 89 fish there over about a 3 week span on a River 2 Sea Yabbie, which is a new bait for me this year.  I have caught fish on 8 more different lures than I did all of last year.

I'm 10 down this year on the walleye count, but dead even on dogfish with 3.  I'm way up on Rock Bass though with 17 more than last year and I've got rock bass factory the Whitefish Chain yet to go.  I may get some rock bass on Pelican Lake too.  One of these days I will get the Trophy on the water.  Our water levels on Platte/Sullivan are back down to normal and the fishing at the GOMH is really off now for the most part, though I did lose a good one out there a couple of mornings ago.

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