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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Joe Torbert 2014 Minnesota Bowfin Club Grand Champion!!!

I did put this up on the MBC Blog last month, but not here until now.  Joe is a fellow Baxter Bass Snatcher along with 2nd Place finisher Chuck Fields.
Joe Torbert caught a 30" bowfin on June 14th, while fishing a tournament on Fishtrap Lake. Unfortunately he didn't get a picture of the fish.  It totally destroyed the Rapala DT3 he caught it on.

Congratulations to Joe on being the 2014 Club Grand Champion!!!

2nd Place went to 2 Time Grand Champion Chuck Fields with a 23" Fin caught on a swim jig on Gull Lake on May 27th.

3rd Place went to Club President and 2 Time Grand Champion yours truly Dave Maas with a 22" doggy caught in Platte Lake June 5th on a River 2 Sea Yabbie.

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