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Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's the GOMH this year for MN Bass Opener

Well Dad has been sick with a cold for about a month now, so we haven't gotten the Trophy out of storage yet.  So tomorrow for what is probably the first time since I started writing this blog that I will not be out on Platte/Sullivan for the MN state Bass Opener.  And after my trip last night, oh what fun it's going to be.  I'm in the process right now of doing an all nighter in the hope's the spot I want won't be taken.  All it will take is a couple of late night/early morning golden bullhead fishermen who intend to stay and I'm screwed.  After last night I have no clue how the bite might turn out.  I'm gonna catch some, but I don't anticipate a whack fest, but then again a school can move in too.  My plan is to get there before 4AM and then sit on the SE side.  No trying for golden's on the N side and chancing someone showing up and taking a spot before I can get there.

Well I better get cracking.

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