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Friday, May 30, 2014

Bass Snatcher Lake Alexander Tournament Tomorrow

Tomorrow we have my first tournament of the year on Lake Alexander.  It's a lake that neither me or my boater pre-fished due to him having motor problems.  I've fished on the lake once in the Fall.  My boater has fished the lake many times over the years, so he has a general idea of where to go.  Looks like there will be wind out of the South all day and a chance of thunderstorms from before we start as well.  I don't know why it's a 8AM start.  It's a good thing I looked today, or I would have been there at 6AM wondering where everybody is.

I am going with 9 rods for this one, 1 more rod than usual
7' 3" MH Chatterbait, Topwater, Lipless
7' 3" MH Swimbait possibly Horny Toad Rod
7' 3" MH Swim Jig Rod
7' 3" MH Spinnerbait Rod
7' H Craw Tube
6' 8" M Topwater, Chatterbait, Swimbait, Lipless, Crankbait, Jerkbait
6' 6" MH Yabbie Rod

Spinning Rods
6' MH  Super Fluke
6' M Senko

I don't know if we will try for or come across any smallmouth.  In the past I think it has taken smallmouth to win.  I'm hoping I can get fish on topwater.  I guess we'll see tomorrow.  

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