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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bass Snatcher Lake Alexander Tournament Postponed One Week

This what we were confronted with when the Bass Snatchers arrived at the West Public Access on Lake Alexander this morning.
Guys were conferring about what to do.
Dennis Lothspeich was able to push it out aways, but couldn't move it  from there.
Most of the guys were not enthusiastic about fishing in thunderstorms all day long and so the bog possibly blowing back in and keeping anybody from getting off the water were to big a risk for the guys, so we voted to postpone the tournament to next week.  There will be a new partner draw for guys who's partners will not be able to fish and guys that were not going to fish can get in if they can make it this next Saturday and get their info to Dennis by Tue. night.

Updated- My thoughts on the tournament being postponed.  Fishing in and around thunderstorms is something I have done my entire life.  I wanted to go fishing, but I could go next week as well, so it didn't matter to me what was decided.  I didn't vote and as the votes went, mine wouldn't have mattered.  I didn't understand why more guys weren't  trying to help Dennis move the bog.  Well what's done is done.  Maybe I'll be able to get out and pre-fish the lake this week.

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