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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Grumpy Old Men & Crappies

Tonight I had my first grumpy old man sightings.  I arrived at the GOMH around 3PM, it was calm and sunny, and some guy switched to the North side when I got there, so I took up the SW side.  I saw two minnows swimming along the rocks, but that was it as far a as action.  Grumpy Old Man Willard showed up around 3:30.
Willard doesn't like to have his picture taken.
Willard told me some stories I'd never heard before and he told me about the C.O. before Kuske who apparently was a hard ass.  Willard said he was taken off of his duty because he had to many death threats against him.  True??? Who knows.  Eventually the foul mouthed Grumpy Old Man Bud showed up.
A couple of boats came and fished and a family fished on the SE side.  Nobody caught anything.  I saw a couple of boats came from the river.  The clouds moved in around 5PM.  When I left at 5:20, a couple of young guys who were fishing on the North side with bass sized Rapala's came and took my spot.

I went to Sue's Drive In with my mom for dinner.  I got out to a lake that shall remain nameless around 8PM.  I was fishing with my pink Cubby Mini-Mite and I got a bite.  It was a crappie that really wanted it.
It went 9.75" and I put it in the bucket in case I got a few more.  I started tipping the Cubby with a minnow and  I  got another 9.75 incher about 5 minutes later.  I missed a bite than I got an 8" which I threw back.  It was getting dark so I went to get might light for the bobber.  When I did the light fell through a hole in the bottom of the pouch it was in and dropped into the lake.  Fortunately I had another light that was still in it's package.  Eventually I switched to Custom Jig and Spins Glow Demon.  While I was trying to spot the bobber light on the bottom of the lake a crappie took down my bobber.  I was lucky to catch another 8".  That was the last bite I got, so I threw back the two I had in the pail.  It was dead calm tonight and I saw many fish out on the lake that were up by the surface spooking while it was still light out.  There was a beaver chewing on a tree to my North about 80 yards that I could see and hear.  A small beaver came and swam around me a few different times, slapping the water with it's tail occasionally.  After dark the loons were calling and I heard an owl or two.  It was a really nice night to be out.  I left around 10:20PM

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