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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hack Wins FLW Angler of the Year

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You heard it here 1st. Greg Hackney caught 14-06 at the Potomac today which will put him in the Top 10 Cut and seal the deal for Hack to have the points to win the Land O Lakes FLW AOY for 2006.

Note: Ok it's not "official" until the final day because "Toshi" Namiki made the Top 10 as well, but gaining 7 spots on in field of 10 over Hack isn't gonna happen. If Toshi is 1st then Hack needs to be 7th or better, Toshi 2nd then 8th or better, Toshi 3rd 9th or better, Toshi 4th or worse and Hack wins, not to mention the posibility of Hack beating Toshi outright. Go Hack!

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