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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Bass Tournament on Platte/Sullivan

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Today the Range Bassmasters MN BASS Federation club had a tournament at Platte/Sullivan and of coarse I had to make it to the weigh in to see how they fared. Originally I was gonna "mock" fish against them but I was too tired from Koronis and slept in.

The Range Bassmasters is a Brainerd Area Club and has Steve Quinn of In-Fisherman as member. Other notables in the club are Bill Bongs, Brian Brown and I recognized a couple of other guys, but don't know their names. It was nice to see a few teens in the club and even a woman or two. It looked like there were about 10-12 boats.

The tournament was won by Emmet Smith who had a 5 fish 16lb+ bag and many of the bags were 12lb+.

This was Big Bass:
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caught by Tyler Malloy. I believe the bass was 4lb13oz???
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Brandon Jedlenski with another 4lber.

Here's a couple of more Platte/Sullivan Specials:
Perry Alfords with a fish that had to be a 4lber.
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A typical P/S 3lber. Lots of those were weighed in.

BP's Notes: Surprisingly, not a single 5lber came in and I've yet to catch one since opener. Where are the Super Toads? I did get a couple before the bass opener and some guys reported losing large fish in the thick stuff. Maybe it's post-spawn and the fish just didn't have the feedbag on yet. All in all lots of 17-18inch Platte/Sullivan specials. The post weigh-in environment reflected a tournament where people caught fish and had a lot of fun on the water. The top sack of 16lbs is very impressive when you consider it is 2 people fishing out of the same boat for 5 fish limit separate weights.

I didn't hear much talk about "the rice," which is a bit of a surprise because their are some good beds forming this year. But then again I haven't found em there either.

If anyone from Range or who knows these guys wants to let me know names or wants to tell about the tournament than leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

the big bass was caught by tyler malloy. the young man (me) in the blue sweatshirt is brandon jedlenski. the fellow in the red is perry alfords. thanks for taking the pictures

Basspastor said...

Thanks for stopping by Brandon. I'll change the entry to reflect the correct names.

Be sure to let everyone in the club know were they can find the pics, if they don't know.