Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Goodbye Coach


How apropos, Coach Zim in black

It is no secret that I am and forever will be a big fan of Mike Zimmer. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond his control got the better of him, I believe.  

Here are the top 4 reasons I believe we missed the playoffs this year.

1. Too much lost time by our top playmakers. The only one healthy for every game was Jefferson.

2. Zim hired the wrong Offensive Coordinator. I think Kubiak had potential, but he just didn't have a knack for outwitting his Defensive opponent often enough. If Kubiak was slightly more competent at the chess match of play-calling, the Vikes are in the playoffs.

3. The Defense just didn't come through in the clutch a the end of halves and games. I think this was in large part due to Reason 1. Barr, Hunter, Kendricks, Peterson, and Griffen's absences were lethal to this team. There is no way around it. If your playmakers aren't in, they can't make plays.

4. The scheduling gods were against us this year. When you play a team has a significant impact on their chances of victory. 

I don't believe the headwinds that Coach Zim faced the past couple of seasons would have been overcome by any coach. Despite the tough losses of personal and on the field we were in every game, but one. Zimmer did his job, the players failed him. 

Hopefully, the Wilf's will be as wise in hiring a new coach as when they selected Zimmer.

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