Friday, August 06, 2021

Belle's 1st Frog Fish


2.23lbs Teckel Whacker (Watermelon)
Belle didn't want to go at first, but the fact that we would be getting a late start and wouldn't be out very long changed her mind. Belle missed the first blow-up. The second one hit it on the run in open water and hooked itself. Belle was startled and hung on for dear life, not even thinking about dropping the rod tip and setting the hook. Actually, the fish dropped the rod tip for her. It hit with such force moving away from her. She is a lucky girl; what else is there to say. Belle said it was quite the adrenaline rush and went to texting about her catch. After doing that, she pointed out a place for Todd to cast, which Todd did and immediately missed a blow-up. Todd had multiple strikes but couldn't keep any of them pinned and got skunked for the night.  Then Belle pointed out a spot for me to cast, and I caught the fish, much to Belle's delight. Belle had a small pike come out of the water after her frog and learned we don't want pike stealing our frogs or ripping them up. I got one last bass for the night as Belle was sitting down getting bit by mosquitoes.

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