Monday, November 04, 2019

What A Bummer Game Man!

"This week's game in Kansas City is quite important for the team to put in a quality performance. I am not a believer in this team just yet.  The O-line has something to prove after last week's game.  I don't trust Cousins to come through when we need him.   And the play by the Defense this year has been mildly disappointing.  I want to see my team beat two quality opponents in the next two weeks on the road."

Instead of a quality performance, I got a wildly erratic one that resulted in a loss.  The Vikings were like Jekyll and Hyde in this one.  It made for an exciting game.  I had a feeling coming in that whether or not Mahomes played that the chances of the Chiefs losing another game in Kansas City were pretty slim.  The Vikes almost pulled it off.  I've got to give the Chief's coaches and players credit; they took some haymakers from the Vikes and managed enough big plays to win in the end.

Kirk was at times brilliant, at other times terrible, and at other times boneheaded (sliding before he got the first down).

The O-Line was at times brilliant, at other times terrible,  and at other times unlucky (the call that went against Bradford for being downfield when he really wasn't).

The O-Coordinator lost the plot at the end of the game going away from the run after it had finally started working well.  I was in disbelief over the play calling on our final two drives.  Run the damn ball when taking time off the clock is called for.  Hopefully, this is a lesson learned for Stefanski.

The Defense was just plain snakebitten.  The ball on the ground twice in the closing minutes with the Chief's recovering it both times after brilliant calls by Zimmer.  That long completion on third down when Everson hit Moore's arm. Dats Amazin good fortune for the Chiefs!  Any of those plays go our way and it's probably a Vikings victory.

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