Saturday, November 30, 2019

Vikings Week 13 Outlook: Apprehensive

This week's game is a huge opportunity.  Beating one of the best teams in football at their place on Monday Night Football would be really nice to see.  I am not getting my hopes up to high.  Russell Wilson is a magician and Kirk's record in big spot games is spotty at best.  It is possible that Zimmer and Stefanski/Kubiak will come up with a stellar game plan.  I certainly expect the Vikes to show more life coming out of the bye than the Cheese did last week.  If the Vikes are good enough to beat Seattle this week I think that will pretty much guarantee us a playoff spot.  It would be a great first step toward winning the Division.  A loss isn't the end of the world provided the team stays healthy, but it would obviously put the team in a more difficult spot. Every game the Vikings play from now on is big.  It has been an exciting season so far and I hope it continues with a strong Vikings efforts every game.  Skol! 

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