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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Lucky Tackle Box November 2017 Review

I know I know, I got way behind on writing this review.  The thing is there was a screw up at Lucky Tackle Box and I didn't get the box until December.  A few days after it arrived I got the box for December.  Had the box arrived when it was supposed to I most probably would have gotten the review done in November as I waited for safe ice.  But it didn't so I didn't.  I'm getting the review done now because open water fishing is beginning to seep back into my conscious thoughts and I want to get these last two Lucky Tackle Box reviews done by April.

This was my favorite box of the 3.  Here is what was in it:


Bagley Sunny B (Retail Price $12.99): I wonder if the LTB exclusive is the fact that it is a square bill? Haven't thrown a Bagley in years.  I think I only own one.  One the first crankbaits I ever got was a small Bagley.  I caught a few fish on that lure over the years then the tackle box it was in got stolen.  I suspect this bait will be gold at the Grumpy Old Man Hole provided that a toothy doesn't steal it right away.

Castaic BD J115 (Retail Price $6.99): These Boyd Duckett Series 115's are among the least expensive Megabass knockoffs out there.  I won several of them on eBay last year but never got around to giving those a try.  The scuttlebutt on these is they tend to be slow sinkers.  Can never have too many jerks is my attitude.
Z Man Finesse TRD The Real Deal (Retail Price $3.99): Ned rigs catch fish and I've wanted to give these baits a try. Now I've got my chance.  Thanks, Lucky Tackle Box.   It would have been nice to get some ned jig head in the box to go with these. Smart on their part not to, as I will be buying myself some.
  Bass Attacker Attacker Stix with Bass Fuel (Retail Price:$4.99):  Senko knockoff and it's a sample pack with half the lures of a normal pack.  Apparently, they are only sold through the companies website.  This lure will probably catch a few fish and be quickly forgotten.  Just being honest.
VMC Ike's Approved Weedless Neko Hook (Retail $3.99):  Another sample pack as if VMC couldn't afford to give us 5 hooks👎. 
Duo Realis Pencil 110 in LTB exclusive Smokey Bone color (Retail $13.99): I have wanted to get my hands onto some Duo Realis topwaters and now thanks to Lucky Tackle Box I've got one.  Was kind of surprised it didn't come with a feathered treble.  I will be adding one.  The hooks appear to be super stout.
6th Sense Quake 70 (Retail: $8.99):  This bait could be a smallie killer. We'll just have to see about that.

Overall, this is my favorite of the 6 different boxes I have received between Mystery Tackle Box (3 boxes) and Lucky Tackle Box (3 boxes).  If you debating between the two companies I'd recommend going with Lucky instead of MTB.

Will be trying the baits out starting May 12th when the season opens. 

I give this box an A-.

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