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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lucky Tackle Box December 2017 Review

I am getting to this review now rather than in December because I wasn't motivated to do it in December, January, or February.  The  Bassmaster Classic starts this week and what better time to be thinking new tackle.  So let's get to the Lucky Tackle Box.
What was in the box
 It looks at first glance like it's a lot of stuff, but it only contained 4 lures.
Blurry picture, oh well
Clear Lake Lures G Crank LTB Exclusive (Retail Price $10.99):  It's a really nice looking crankbait. Trouble is I can't find any info about it online.  It's as if Clear Lake Lures doesn't exist.  The website that is given on the card and on the bait it comes up empty for me.  It has a fairly thin body and lip.  I' guessing it's a 8' to 10' diver.  I don't know when or if I'll have a use for this lure this year.
Liquid Mayhem Shad Scent ($9.99):  I am not religious about using scents on my lures and I don't think shad live this far north.  I'll give it a try though, can't hurt.

Doomsday Tackle Co. Fat Man ($6.99): It's a bulky beaver style bait.  I think I'm really going to like this lure, but it is too rich for my blood at over a buck a bait.
 Texas Tackle Conroe Candle ($4.99): A nifty little drop shot bait/ned rid bait.  I guess I will be doing some drop shotting this year.
Mustad KVD Triple Grip Treble sz 6: I can always use more sharp treble hooks. 👎 on Mustad not providing a regular 6 hook pack.
MONSTERBASS Basszilla 4" Revolution Bluegill ($11.99): Another lure that I have come up empty searching for info on online.  One of them sold on eBay for $18.50 shipped.  This makes 2 out of 3 boxes with a swimbait in it.  I've never had much success on these jointed swimbaits.  I think I will be able to catch a fish on it at the Grumpy Old Man Hole and I know which box it will go in after that.
Woo Tungsten Finesse Kit LTB Exclusive ($11.99): I like it, probably because it is something I would never buy on my own.  For instance, tungsten nail weights for Neko rigging is just not something I would ever buy for myself.  I've never even tried a Neko rig.  Looks like that's on my list of things to do this year thanks to Lucky Tackle Box. Drop shot weights will come in handy when I give that Conroe Candle a try.  Some glass beads to jazz up my Texas rigs a bit👍👍.
Clenzoil Sample: I'm not very mechanically inclined.  I'm giving this to my Dad who is.  I'm sure he will find a use for it.

This box was a mixed bag in my opinion.  For their Christmas box, I would have thought they would have tried a little harder.  But then again how many people get a subscription for Christmas and don't receive their first box until the next year?

I give the box a solid C, maybe C+.   


Dave Anderson said...


Just got back from bass fishing Lake Fork in Texas. You might want to check this bait company as I stopped there and picked up some interesting stuff.

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