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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Snatcher Season at the Mid Way Point

One year ago today I did a blog on this subject.  I've got some free time right now, so I thought I would do one for this year as well.

I finally got out of the rut I was in of poor finishes at Platte/Sullivan to start the year off the year with a Top 10 finish.  A small field and good draw almost resulted in me "getting wood" at the Mississippi River with a 4th Place finish.  An unlucky boat draw for North Long resulted in me getting second to last out of 24 anglers.  That kind of finish still could have happened had I drawn another boater, but I doubt it.

So here I sit in 6th Place at the mid way point of the season despite the bomb at North Long.  Pretty much the fate of my season rides on the result of the next tournament on Gull Lake August 12th.  A Top 10 finish there and  I should still be sitting in very good shape.  If I totally crater at Gull Lake then I might not fish Thunder.  I really want to fish Thunder.

Bring on the 2nd Half!  

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