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Friday, July 14, 2017

Snatchers Tournament on North Long Tomorrow

The Bass Snatchers will be fishing North Long for the 3rd time since I joined the club.  The most recent tournament was in August of 2012 and I missed it due to having back issues.  The time before that was August of 2008, my first year in the club.  I fished that tournament with Chuck Steinbauer, but even with reading my blog of that tournament I can not remember where I single place I caught a fish with any accuracy.

I drew "Checkbook" for my boater for the first time.  This is his 32 year fishing in the club.  He generally struggles, but has a good tournament from time to time and North Long has been pretty good to him over the years.  We got out pre-fishing on Wed's and I caught a small limit, but we spent a good chunk of the day eliminating water.  If I can get a limit and finish somewhere in the low teens I will be happy.  We have 24 people fishing this one, so the potential for a disastrous finish in the 20's is a possibility. Hopefully Checkbook and I will be able to put something together so that doesn't happen to either of us.

Here's the Rods I'm going with:

7'4" Tatula Frog Rod
7'2" Tatula MH Topwater & Wakebait
7'2" Tatula Jig n Craw
7' Avid Heavy Craw Tubes
7' Mojo Chatterbaits
6'8" Avid Topwater
6'6" MH Loomis Swim Jig
6'4" Avid X Fluke/Senko


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