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Monday, July 25, 2016

My Snatcher Season at the Mid Way Point

The fishing funk I fell into last year has continued into this one unfortunately.  All of my finishes so far this year have been a disappointment.  First Tournament on Birch I didn't fish very intelligently and finished 2 places up from last.  Second Tournament on South Long lost fish cost me, but at least I got a limit; Finished 6 places up from last.  Third Tournament at Fishhook we just weren't on the fish and I feel fortunate I caught what I did; Two places up from last again.

So far only 1 of my goals for the season won't be reached.  I failed to catch a limit in two tournaments.  All the rest of my goals will be in play until the last tournament of the year.

I am seriously overdue for a Top 5 finish.  I haven't even cracked a Top 10 finish in the past two years and a half years. And that was with two fields of 15 or less anglers in the mix .

Draw for Pokegama is this Wednesday and the draw for Rabbit is two weeks later.  All it takes is one really high finish to get on a roll.

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