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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Snatcher Tournament Mississippi Quick Report

It was indeed a grind out there today, even worse than I thought  it would be.  The fish just weren't going.  I think only two limits were weighed.  Both Swannie and I came up one fish short.  I lost a good keeper at the boat when I horsed it a little to much. Swannie lost a good one as well.  Had either of us landed our limit we would have gotten 3rd Place.  I think I ended up in 5th maybe 6th with 7 and a half pounds.  We had one guy not show up, so there were only 14 people fishing.  I should have packed more lipless baits as I only brought 2 and lost 1.

Congratulations to Tim Benson who won the tournament and big bass.

We ended up fishing in the same general area as Tim for much of the day.  Had we arrived there sooner both Swannie and I definitely would have gotten our limits.  The fish were really going when we first arrived.

Full Report when I get the results later this week.

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