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Friday, June 02, 2017

Bass Snatchers 1st Tournament Tomorrow at Platte/Sullivan

Tomorrow I will start my 10th Year fishing with the Baxter Bass Snatchers Club.  Where has the time gone?  This will only be the second time the club has fished Platte/Sullivan in that time.  If I can't catch at least 14lbs and make the Top 10, I will be pretty disappointed.

I am bringing 8 Rods + 1

Lamiglas 7'3" Swimbaits & Swim Jigs
Tatula 7'4" H Frogs
Zillion 7'4" XH Spro King Daddy Frog
Zillion 7'4" H Jigs
Avid 7' H Craw Tube
Avid 6'8" Topwater
LTB 7'3" Horny Toad
Dock Rod Senko/Fluke

Tatula 7'2" Plopper

I am really really really hoping the shallow fish are going tomorrow.  We've got 13 Boats and one guy fishing by himself.

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