Sunday, July 03, 2016

My June 2016: Less Larry, More Sally, More Teeth, Less Teeth

Highlight of the Month
After catching more largemouth in May of this year (181) than last year (141), I had high hopes for the fishing this June.  But we just didn't get the rain in this area of MN and my largemouth numbers caught dropped significantly. I caught 30 less largemouth this year (84) than last year (114).  Low water is a GOMH killer.  The two tournaments I fished in the month were underwhelming as far as the number of fish caught.  At least I got 10 bass at South Long; That was the most bass I caught in a day in June.

I did catch 5 smallmouth up 3 from last years total in June.

Pike numbers were not off the charts like they were in May when I caught 126 of them, but 42 is a record for June.  I have easily surpassed my goal of catching 150 pike for the year;  I am currently at 219.

After getting 31 walleyes in May, I only got 4 in June.  Last year I got 16 in May and 12 in June.

You can read about all of my fishing trips this year over at Bass Pundit's Fishing Log Blog.

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