Wednesday, April 06, 2016

When Natives Netting Your Lake Is A Good Thing

Last year there were rumor's that Indians were out netting on Platte/Sullivan.  I never saw anything and never bothered to check into it very far.  I figured that people saw the boat that was out bow fishing for rough fish and assumed they were natives like I did until I found out differently.  I also figured Platte/Sullivan would be an odd choice because it's full of hammerhandles and bass and doesn't really have an outstanding walleye population .
Anyway, this past Friday Facebook Page posted pictures of Fond Du Lac band members at one of the Platte/Sullivan accesses.  I will admit I tightened up a bit, because I was worried about how many bass and bowfin they might catch and what size.  I was tempted to go down on Saturday morning and see if I could check out what they got. But it was to cold and windy for me to bother with.

Turns out I didn't have to go because CO Kuske was there and got a count of all the fish the natives got.  There was a message on the Platte Lake Owners Association Facebook Page letting us know what Kuske told them and encouraging us to call him if we had questions, so I did.  I was relieved to hear they didn't get a single bass or bowfin.  They did bring in 57 pike, 7 walleye, a tullibee, and a bullhead or two.

When is it a good thing when your lake gets netted?  When they take out 57 pike, the vast majority of which had to be hammerhandles.  In my opinion the Fond Du Lac band did us a service.

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