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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Baxter Bass Snatcher Tournament Season Now Set

Due to the changes made for Mille Lacs this year we had an emergency meeting to get a new date and lake.  We ended up having to change two dates and one lake.  Both tournaments are in June.  Here is our new schedule:

June 4th Birch Lake (Hackensack):  Platte/Sullivan lost out to Birch on the vote.  I'm more OK with that than the 8:00AM start time.  If it's a hot day the 4PM end time really gets to me.  I fished the tournament we had at this lake in October of 2011.  It was memorable tournament to me for a couple of reasons.  My dad had by-pass surgery that week and Bill Ludenia tied me for 6th in Angler of the Year Points; He beat me out of the place on the tie breaker, so I missed out on being in the Club Super Six.  I like the lake and it has smallmouth.  I haven't seen a lot of this lake and we fished it at a totally different time of the year.  It will be interesting to see if that shallow bay on the southern most end is a big player;  I've never been in that bay and don't know if it has rice or what.

Sunday June 19th South Long Lake:  We originally had this tournament scheduled on June 11th.  I like the fact that we are having it on Sunday, so hopefully the access won't be as crowded.

The rest of the schedule is unchanged.

July 16 Fishhook
Aug. 6 Pokegama
Aug. 20 Rabbit
Sept. 24 Whitefish

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