Monday, April 04, 2016

Rock Dock In, Skunk Streak Out

Conditions: Cool 40-34 degrees, Sunny, calm to very light winds out of the N.

First I stopped at Bulldog.  Nothing at the access and some fish in the thick bulrushes in really shallow water at Holy Family.  Needed a cane pole to reach them my long rod was about two feet short.  Next I went to Rock.  I got distracted by a large raptor as I came down the hill, so I didn't notice the Rock Dock was in until I could see it in the KIA's back up camera.  I managed to get one pike on a Panfish Chatterbait, so I ended my Skunk streak.
Panfish Chatterbait

I left about 7:15 after a little wind came up out of the N.  I went to the GOMH where some guys were fishing on the SE side.  There was fish activity two to three long casts out in the hay on the SE side.  There also was some baitfish activity around the GOMH, so I decided to get my rods and fish.  Didn't get anything, but the guy gave me his minnows.  It was cold so I left at around 8 while it was still light out.

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