Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rock and Long Ice Out, Platte 90% Open

Rock Lake Looking Northeast

Rock Lake looking Southeast 
The lakes gave me a surprise today.  I took mom into Onamia and Onamia Lake was wide open.  I went to Bulldog first tonight and it was about the same.  Next I drove North Platte Lake Drive and all of Platte that I could see was open except the northeast corner.  I decided to go take a look at Rock and was shocked to discover it wide open.  The wind was such that it was unfishable.  Next I checked Long and it looked wide open.  Then I went to Jenny's and there was still some ice there .  There was also ice at the Platte Lake Access so I am not calling Platte Lake Open as I couldn't get from the access to Jenny's in a boat today.  I was a little to pumped up from the open water and ended up spilling the minnow bucket when I arrived at the GOMH.  Thank goodness I had my fishing towel along to help clean up the water.  I didn't fish very long and didn't get a bite.
Platte Lake Access

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