Thursday, March 17, 2016

Platte is 40 to 60% Open

From the public access the lake looks the same as yesterday
Today I took Kaylee for a ride to check the area lakes at around 5:30PM.  First stop was at the Platte Lake Public Access.  Looked the same as yesterday.  At the GOMH I could see quite a bit of open water to the East of the Islands. Sullivan looked about the same as yesterday.  Next I went to Bulldog about 5% open.  I decided to drive up North Platte Lake Drive.  I was surprised that our bay was at least 60 to 70% Open and Don's Bay (the main body to the East of the islands) looked to be at least 70% open.  I stopped at the Rock Lake Public Access Road (didn't want to drive to the end of either road in the wet conditions from the snow/rain)  Platte Lake may be ice free on the 18th, but I'm not going to call it until I'm sure.

Hopefully this cooler stretch will slow the march of lake ice outs North, so that the area lakes docks get put in right away.  I've seen them go in within a day or two out after ice out to a month plus after in 2010.

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