Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Wheeler Went Through On Platte Lake Tonight

Sullivan Tonight

Sullivan Inlet
Tonight I went fishing for about 45 minutes at the Grumpy Old Man Hole and caught another toothy bullhead.  As I was leaving a wheeler showed up on the South end of the small island.  I drove down to the inlet on Sullivan then over to Bulldog Lake. As I was heading home on 8 a cop passed me lights on and turned at Richardson Corners headed towards the GOMH. Turns out the guy on the wheeler fell through. Lucky for him Peter W. was out and saw the whole thing happen and called 911. I don't know if the person crawled out on his own or if he had to be rescued, but he made it out. I saw and heard some sandhill cranes out there tonight.  I'm guessing Platte Lake will be ice free by Tuesday the 22nd at the latest.  I think it will probably be earlier especially if we get significant rain on this Tuesday (15th).

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