Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bass Fishing In the Blogosphere Is Dying

The Final Post at Big Indiana Bass
I was vaguely aware of this fact do to all of the MN Bass Fishing Bloggers that had stopped or mostly stopped their blogging.  I haven't tended to my other blog rolls much over that last few years to realize how bad it's gotten.  I really should do something about weeding out all the blogs that no longer exist.

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shallow water anchor said...

It is rather unfortunate most the bass fishing blog seem to die off after a year or two. We had a pretty awesome blog locally "Ohio bass blog" and the owner hasn't updated the site in over a year now. When it was in it's prime it had all local tournament results, listed all tournaments, interesting articles, and much more and it grew quickly and quickly became the bass fishing source for most Ohio anglers. Unfortunately up-keeping such a blog is very time consuming and it has now died off. Wish the owner would have sold it rather than let it die off.

Thanks for keeping your up to date!