Friday, December 04, 2015

They Were Who I Thought They Were

At halftime with the Lions up 17-0 I wrote on Facebook:
When the Lions kicked the 2nd field goal.  I thought the Lions just might have it.  When they lateraled back to Rodgers.  I thought they had it for a second, but then the flag came out.  The rest is now Packer Lore.  They were who I thought they were.

Unfortunately the chances of the Vikes winning the division just dropped significantly.  Still my 3 Paths to the Superbowl for the Vikes still stand.  Come on Vikes, show the birds who's boss the next two weeks.

Unfortunately I can't find the meme of Zimmer's Bird Hunting Trip I saw today.

Update:  Well that game didn't go well.  The Hawks kicked our butt, while the refs kicked us in the nads repeatedly when it seemed we did something right.
From NFL's Facebook Page

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