Sunday, September 13, 2015

SKOL Vikings 2015!!!

It's time for my annual post on my thoughts giving questions the team will need to answer to succeed in the  2015 season.  Last year, the team got 1 out of 3 right.
1. The Defense improved
2. O Line Play was inconsistent with injuries all over and Cassel got injured.
3. We all know what happened with AP 

Here are my Questions for 2015:

1.  What kind of play will we get from the O-Line in 2015?

At this point the O-Line has got to be the #1 concern for the team.  It seems we have the weapons at the Skill positions, but will the line come together to block for AP and protect Teddy. The line looked OK this pre-season in pass protection.  Run blocking looked below par.   With Loadholt going down and now with Sullivan's out for half the season minimum I'm really nervous about this question.

2. Will Teddy continue to improve?

I believe he will, but if the O-Line doesn't perform;  Well I don't even want to think about it.

3.  Will Anthony Barr stay healthy and improve from his rookie season?

Barr is a huge key to the Defense continuing to improve, will he step up or fall down.

4.  Will Blair Walsh's kicking be a problem?

I hope not.



Anonymous said...

I've got most of your answers and will all soon.

The Ole Guy.

Dave Anderson said...

I think last night answered some of your questions. Tough game for sure