Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Difficulty Of Becoming A Pro Angler From My Perspective

Over at they just did an article with Boyd Duckett giving people advice if they want to become a Professional Angler.  It contains some sound advice.  If you are planning to take a shot at becoming a Professional Bass Fisherman/woman you definitely should grab on to all the sound advice you can get.  I don't mean to rain on anybodies parade, but the difficulty as I see it is even if one takes and follows all the sound advice out there is they still don't stand much of a chance of really making it as a "Pro Bass Angler" in the long haul.  That is the reality of the situation as I see it.

God Bless and good luck to all of you that are out trying or have aspirations of making it.  I hope you prove me wrong.  Inevitably some people will succeed.

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