Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Power Pole for the Poor Man

Want to have a shallow water anchor but don't have $1000 to spend.   I think the Stick It Anchor Pin is what your looking for.  I believe one can be had for sub $200.  Of coarse, if your really strapped for cash you can always use a mushroom anchor and a rope like I do.  I'm going to seriously consider buying one of these for the Trophy next year.  If I ever get the Trophy out on the water again.

If you don't understand what having an anchor means for boat control you should really get with the program.


MSPbass said...

I have one on my 16 footer. Go for it. It's pretty awesome when deployed. Only drawback is storing the pole on the boat when it's not. It comes with 2 brackets that you can screw to the deck at least.

Anonymous said...

Capt. C.C. Corey gives four tips to help you catch that elusive 10 lber.