Saturday, July 25, 2015

Missing The Woman, What A Dissappointment

One week ago was the Bass Snatcher Tournament on Woman Lake.  I dropped out because I was sick with a bacterial infection.  I would not have been able to fish had it been this weekend either.  I finally felt well enough that I did get out for about 45 minutes last night.  But full tournament day in this heat sounds like a terrible idea to me right now.

Missing the tournament was such a disappointment because my boater Dave Branum elected to fish slop all day just like Roger and I did at Farm Island.  Dave fishing by himself brought in 16lbs 2ozs with a 4lb 1oz kicker which put him in 5th Place.  Apparently he had a 13" that he couldn't get rid of that kept him out of the top 3.  I was so primed to fish a slop tournament with all the hollow body frog fishing I've done this year.  And knowing the way things went during our two days pre-fishing I would have had a shot at a good bag as well.

What a missed opportunity!
What a disappointment!  

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