Saturday, June 13, 2015

Snatcher Farm Island Quick Report

"Sweet Revenge" Color Tru-Tungsten Frog
Well it wasn't quite sweet revenge for me today, but it was my best tournament in terms of weight by 2lbs and number of fish caught at Farm Island Lake.  I believe the decision to switch out my Team Daiwa-S103 for the Revo Rocket was a critical mistake.  My boater Roger was getting more bites than me and the only difference that I can figure was that I couldn't slow down enough with the Rocket to give the frog the look they wanted.  I still had plenty of bites, but the fish weren't as big.  I was trying to match the retrieve, but it just wasn't happening for me when I did that.  I would often have to coax a fish that I already knew was there.  Roger rarely did that.  The fish bit pretty much all day and I got to fish one of my favorite ways.  It was a fun, but frustrating day for me.    

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