Friday, June 12, 2015

Bass Snatcher #yearofrevenge Starts Tomorrow at Farm Island Lake

Why is it my #yearofrevenge?

Farm Island Lake- Bottom 5 finish with 3 dead fish penalties
Woman Lake- Skunked while helping Jim Smith pre-fish last year
Rush Lake-  2nd to last place with 1 bass caught.
Cedar Lake- Bottom 5 finish with only 3 fish weighed
Mission Lakes-  3 tournaments fished with a 2nd to last place finish, bottom 5 finish, and didn't even get a limit in the Challenge Cup.

I've got a bone to pick with these last five lakes on the Snatcher docket.

My boater Roger and I had a pretty descent pre-fish last Saturday.  Will our pattern hold up?  I really hope so because due to wind we weren't able to establish a back up.  I really hope the fish are active in the morning on our first stop and we can just camp there for most of the day.  I am ready, let's go!

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