Saturday, June 20, 2015

Good Night On The Slop Slip On Bulldog (Thursday Night)

Headed North
Conditions: Temps in the low 70's, mostly sunny, wind out of the NNE dying down to nothing.

I put in at Holy Family Access and headed North into the wind.  I missed my first bite in the open area in the reeds past the dock with a pontoon.  I got my first bass out of the pads behind the reeds.
14.5" Sweet Revenge Mad Maxx
I traded of 14.5" and 13.5" fish on the Mad Maxx and I got a 12.5" on the Hack Attack Jig with a breen Chigger Craw trailer.  Then I got this beast.

28.5" Mad Maxx
I got into a good area for prime time.
15.5" Out of shallow slop
16" Mad Maxx
I caught about 10 fish and missed 4 or 5 bites.  On my way back in I missed one, then got my biggest of the night, a real chunk.
17.5" Mad Maxx
I was off the water by 9:35PM

I ended with
15 bass
1 Pike

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