Sunday, December 18, 2011

Liveblogging Vikings vs, Saints

I've got nothing better to do

End of 1st 7-3

Saints defense is looking pretty good, our offense not so much.

Fumble #2 Saints

and then a screen to Kliensauser that doesn't connect, what?

man does our offense look bad today, AP loses 6 then Ponder sacked
Offensive line playing terrible but at least Longwell hits 7-6 Saints

Note- We had yet another CB go down Asher Allen. Not good!

Wow crappy late hit call and then 2 penalty's for saints. Lots of penalties so far

rough pass int call gives Saints ball on 1 after 1st and 25

Saints 14-6

This sucks!

Saints onside kick, we are very lucky to recover. The way our O is performing can't say it was a dangerous call. Shows a total lack of respect for our team. Will our guys respond?

AP for 39. I don't think he is full speed or he would have been gone
2 crap plays with Webb, than Toby takes it for a TD 14-13
Credit to the Vikes for answering the insult

Just not getting pressure on Breeze

My prediction- we will be down 21-13 at half

Yep Saints get the TD, however there is enough time for the Vikes to get a score if we can complete a few passes. Right now Vikes are 3/8 passing for 18 yards and 10 of that was a shovel pass

1st down Ponder sacked
2nd down pass for no gain
man this is terrible
3rd 8 yard run
Saints will get ball back with under 30 left- Sheesh!
27 sec left
come on Jared level Brees

Halftime 21-13

Analysis- We are getting almost no pressure on Brees and our QB's are pressured on every play. 18 yards passing for us 247 for them.

Vikes 1st series
3 and out thanks to QB pressure and a dropped pass by Aoamashadou. Intentional grounding or he would have been sacked yet again.

Another Saints screen for big yards.
Man our pass D is bad, another Saints TD

my prediction. Vikes 1st upcoming play will be a pass
Nope I was wrong
Great Hutch is down

Have I said our O line is bad yet? This is just pathetic, Ponder just had to run for his life on a rollout pass and got creamed as he tried to throw.

And 3 plays for 53 yards and another Saints TD 35-13

Wow Ponder had time to throw the ball, but he missed on the pass. Down came the boo's. Vikes basically go 3 and out.

D Line isn't having a very good game, even with best pressure of the day can't get a sack.

3rd and 20 can vikes get stop?
Nope penalty (kind of a crap call IMO)

I don't think Sproles quite got in. Will be interesting to see what they do on replay
yep no TD
next play TD 41-13

Seriously, why does this announcer sound like he wants Ponder benched. It isn't Ponders fault he's getting no time to throw it.

why isn't the crowd booing the D fense. They Suck!
and then the D finally stops them (back up qb) and missed 50 yard fieldgoal. If your the Saints coach you can't feel good about that

Breaking news Packers down 19-7 with 5min to play

And Ponder gets a TD pass- good for him. Amazing what can happen when he gets a little bit of time and a good play call.

Yes the Vikes are getting killed by the Saints, but Da Bears are getting killed by the Seahawks in Chicago

Pack lose Pack Lose!
Ha Vikes crowd gives quite a cheer.

Ponder gets picked on last play. Pathetic effort by Aromashadou to make sure that doesn't happen.

Analysis: What can you say, the Vikes got their ass kicked. I didn't realize the Saints D was that good. They are gonna be dangerous in the Playoffs.

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