Sunday, October 16, 2011

Viking Season Almost Down the Drain

The hope was McNabb could have a good year and so would go the Vikings team. Obviously that hasn't happened. I don't think McNabb deserves too much blame for the way things have gone. I mean tonight vs. the Bears he played pretty darn good and yet it was by far the worst loss we have taken all season. To start the game our receivers couldn't catch the ball and our secondary gave up a big play that at a minimum should have been contested, instead it was an easy touchdown. Special teams play was terrible in every respect possible. Offensive line play was terrible, especially after a couple of injuries. The running game was terrible. I guess when the score ends up being 39-10 probably a lot of things are going to have been bad.

The one bright spot was the relief appearance of rookie Christian Ponder. Somehow he managed not to get sacked and he made a few good plays. In the title I didn't say the Viking season IS down the drain, because we can still beat the Packers, which at this point would be a major upset. And our back up QB's should be able to get some valuable experience now. I am sure most fans are going to want Ponder as the starter vs. Green Bay but I think Leslie should only do that if he feels Ponder gives us the best chance to beat Green Bay next week. If those injuries on our offensive line are serious than the mobile Ponder may be our best bet. However, if our offensive line play can be shored up and improved than McNabb might be best. Whatever else our running game can't be as bad as it was vs. Da Bears. The Defence is also going to seriously need to up it's game next week.

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