Saturday, October 01, 2011

Tournament Quick Report

The day started with 2 quick fish on topwater but the fish shrunk on me and then it was a grind. Just glad I got a limit. I think it will be my worst finish of the year and I probably got bounced out of the Top 6 as well. Full Report when I know how things shake out.

A big congratulations to Dennis Lothspeich who for the first time in his 22 years as a Baxter Bass Snatcher managed to catch his limit in all 6 Tournaments.

Also a big congratulations to Guy Henkensiefken who won his 4th Tournament of the year and easily sewed up Mr. Bass (Angler of the Year) honors.


Dennis said...

Thanks, if I keep practicing I might even win something someday...

Basspastor said...

Sure Dennis, It seems to me since I joined the club you have 2 Mr. Bass Titles and have won more than a half a dozen tournaments.