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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ouch Again!

Sure Day 1 in Fantasy Bass Fishing doesn't mean Jack Squat, but you can bury yourself pretty good.

Klein 23rd
KJ 59th
Combs 64th
Rowland 71st
Reed 77th

Faircloth 4th
Alton 28th
Tieje 28th
KVD 41st
KJ 59th

Kenney 13th
Morgan 21st
Powers 30th
Strader 49th
Thrift 63rd
Coulter 67th
Lefebre 68th
Tharp 81st
Browne 124th
Baumgardner 142nd
Highly Mediocre!

FLW Advanced
Canterbury 14th
Morgan 21st
Powers 30th
Thrift 63rd
Lefebre 68th
Maybe there can be some Day 2 magic for this one.

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