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Monday, April 04, 2011

Minnesotans for an Early Bass Fishing Season Organize

Minnesotans for an Early Bass Fishing Season Facebook Group

Minnesotans for an Early Bass Fishing Season Message Board

It's no secrect that I really do not like the fact that the closed season for bass in Minnesocold means catch and release fishing for bass is illegal. It's a law with absolutely no biological justification in terms of conserving the resource and it makes zero economic sense as well. I find it sad that so many bass fishermen in this state are satisfied with the status quo. Well apparently there are some guys who aim to change the game. They have started a Facebook Group and Message Board. You can bet I am joining. I hope you will too!!!

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ted4887 said...

Agreed. I really would like to see them open it up to a C&R season, similar to the way they do trout in SE Minnesota. It would be nice to see the DNR open up certain lakes, or all lakes, and do some surveying to find out if a C&R season would do much damage at all to the bass populations in our state.