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Saturday, April 01, 2006

On the Bass Forum this question was asked by SLP:

I'm just curious what people think a great day on a Minnesota lake would be from a quantity standpoint fishing for Bass with 2 guys in the boat. 10? 20? 30? 50? 100? The few people I have talked to say 75 plus days are pretty common in the spring(late May early June). What do you think?
Now instead of answering the question in a straight foreword answer, most responses consist of talking about how any day fishing is a good day and quantifying it does not matter blah blah blah. Finally after a bunch of those sophist responses Tom Wilson answers with this:
While you got a few answers here, and they are all right on about the company you keep, I don't think anyone answered your question. From the end of may (after opener) until about the 4th of July, for two people in a boat fishing for an average 6-7 hours 100+ fish is not uncommon at all. At that time of year, shallow water fish are the key, and if you know what you're doing, then 50 bass apiece is absolutely doable.
BP's responce: I am a fisherman that is geared to pay attention to numbers and so feel qualified to offer an informed responce. I think the answer depends upon the lake being fished, the weather conditions, and the pattern/presentation being used.

Obviously some lakes have better bass populations than other lakes and that will be the number 1 deciding factor of guiding expectations for bass "by the numbers." 2 Guys would be having a pretty darn good day on Platte/Sulivan if they could put 50 fish in the boat. On Sylvia/Twin in Wright County catching 50 is probably an easy mark, 75-100 about average and 100+ a pretty good day with 125 to 200 fish days possible. I don't know which lakes or rivers Mr. Wilson fishes but I would say calling 100+ fish days "doable", meaning in somewhat common, is a bit of a stretch. You have to really be whacking them pretty good to be boating 20 fish an hour for 5 straight hours; many lakes just are not capable of that type of output.

As I mentioned before the weather conditions and pattern fished obviously play a role. If the fish are shut down because of conditions than even a great bass lake can be pretty stingy. Also if you a chuncking a jig at docks, 100 fish days are gonna be the exception rather than the rule even on a great dock bass lake.

Overall I would say the normal range for a "good day" for 2 people in a 8 hour day would be between 40-80 fish, 90-120 a very good day, 120+ phenominal.

The Weather: Today was below normal cool and cloudy. Despite that a several acre large patch of water has openned up the NE corner of the main bay on Platte. Had we gotten that rain and the sun that was predicted today than there probably would have been serious momentum towards ice off being next week. As it stands I'm sticking with yesterday's prediction.

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