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Saturday, April 08, 2006

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Can Shin do it agaIN?

In case you are unaware Japanese Angler, 2004 FLW Angler of the Year, Shinichi Fukae is in the hunt at Beaver Lake Wal-Mart open to win the $200,000 first place prize. This would be his second FLW tour victory of the year. He won $100,000 at Lake Okeechobee, the first tournament of the year. It is quite a test to win a 200 boat field Pro Tour tournament, two in one season would be incredible.

FLW Walmart Open Live blogging:
It 's down to Shin and Mark Rose, both have 1 fish left and Shin has a 2lb7oz advantage.

Mark Rose weighs his last fish: Has a Smallie it weighs 2-2 he needed 2-7 to take the lead Shin Wins Shin Wins !

Shin's winning weight 21lbs a full 2lbs15ozs bigger than Mark Rose in 2nd.

Shin's Win BassFan Shin's Win FLW Online

The Weather: Mid 50's no wind, I'm going fishing.

BP Fishing Report: Rock Again

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