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Thursday, April 27, 2006

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1st Dogfish of the Year!
Yesterday I went to Mille Lacs for a little bit of multi-species angling. I started in the Isle Island Canal for panfish. I caught 2 small crappies 1 sunfish and one milting perch. There were tons of baitfish in this canal along with several muskie; At one point I had two 40 something inch muskies swimming side by side right under the boat. Apparently the crappie had been going good in the canal up until the cold weather a couple of days ago.

As the day wore on I deceded to try "Dogfish Nirvana" which is a very small bay over by the State Park Isle Bay. For some reason there always seems to be dogfish in this particular cut. I got in there and started tossing a 1/2White Jig and pig. As I made my way in I spotted a nice doggy right in front of me. I was able to make a couple of casts and bounce the jig off his white nose, but he didn't bite. The boat then passed over the fish and I had to spin around. I respotted the fish and cast passed it. I then hopped the bait closer and closer, sure enough it struck and I set the hook. I fought the dogfish until it was plum wore out and then I netted it. It was a dark fish (looked a lot like doggy drawing above) that measured 30inches. YES! What a way to start for doggies this year.

I think I saw another smaller fish in "Dogfish Nirvana" too.

Fish attractant scare reported at Bassfan

Various news outlets are reporting that a leaky bottle of J.J.'s Magic Dippin Dye fish attractant yesterday forced the closure of the Hueytown, Ala. post office. In addition, 20 workers were sent to hospitals in the Birmingham area.

Apparently, officials were at first unsure whether the concoction was lethal. The Associated Press reported that six workers had difficulty breathing and were rushed to hospitals as a decontamination measure. Others reported a burning sensation in their throats.

And as its name implies, J.J.'s Magic Dippin Dye also contains lure dye. Workers initially thought the substance was caustic and had burned the floor.

The threat of a terrorist attack is anything but funny, and BassFan, every day, thanks the men and women who put themselves in harm's way to keep up safe. But there is one line of an AP report on the event that we got a chuckle from, and you might too: "Many anglers are familiar with such concoctions and use it without any protection."

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