Sunday, September 12, 2021

MN Vikings 2021


Update after the Game 1 27-24 loss to the Bengals.

The team looked shaky in the first half, especially on offense with penalty after penalty. The second half went quite a bit better. 

The D looked much improved. It will not surprise me if Burrow has a breakout year and Mixon runs for 2,000  yards.  Sure the Bengals sucked the last two years. What I  saw was a team in the playoff hunt this year, provided they can stay healthy. I was really impressed with Burrow other than that one terrible throw that should have been a TD. It looked to me like Hunter and Kendricks had quite a bit of rust to shake off.  

On the O side of the ball, Cousins played good enough to win. I am concerned about the O-Line. Not nearly good enough protecting Kirk or making holes in the run game. Hopefully,  they will improve quite a bit with a game under their belt. I wasn't happy with play calling in the moment, but we probably should have won the game. I think the Cook fumble was a blown call. 

The next two games look to be dog fights. Maybe Arizona will lose a little bit of their edge with a win under their belt and will underestimate Zim's squad.  

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