Friday, January 22, 2021

First Trip With The New Trap Legend XL


Didn't get skunked!

Mucho Leg Room
5:15-6:15PM Platte Lake Public Access
15℉, MC, 0-3mph NW

I got 3lb Suffix put on the Genz rod and got my stuff in the Kia and headed over to the Lake Place to pick up the Fish Trap at 4:15PM. Got the Trap loaded and then realized I didn't take the keys with me. Fortunately, I left the car running. I went and got the keys. I got to the access a little before 5PM. I ended up setting up out a little deeper than I would have preferred. The Fish Trap is taller than I am. Fits all of my stuff just fine. I am impressed. I started with my jacket off and can put it back on while standing upright inside the Trap. The only thing I don't care for is far up off the ice I am sitting, neck and shoulder strain may be a thing. I think I'll try putting a third five-gallon bucket in the trap and try propping up the Vex on that. I need to switch over the rod holders.    

The bib's cell phone pocket is convenient. The full leg zipper is nice.  

I caught the one small crappie and had a few more sniffers. 

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