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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Baxter Bass Snatcher 2018 Tournament Schedule

I don't know why this didn't post on the 12th like I had it scheduled to do. It's here now.
Snow kept me from going up to February meeting when the final tournament schedule was hashed out.  The only change that was made from last month's lake line up was to get rid of Gull River and switch the Minnewawa tournament from Saturday the 23rd to Sunday the 24th.

I know even less about Lake Edward than I did about Gull River.  The club hasn't fished it since 1989.  I can't remember if the lake has even been brought up in the past.  The latest lake survey says it's swarming with largemouth.  Smallmouth is mentioned as a fish species in the lake, but the lake survey doesn't mention them at all.

* The asterisk is to inform us that Birch (Hackensack) will be a backup lake if it's too windy on Leech.

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