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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thinking Vikings Football

I am not ready to drink purple Kool Aid yet for this year.  The performance in the 3rd pre-season game by our 1st unit was pretty dreadful on both sides of the ball. Hopefully it was just an off night indicative of nothing.  I am hoping Zimmer plays our O-Line starters for the whole first half of the final pre-season game.

I think the offense will be better this year, but how much better is a big ? in my mind.  I think that our D got worn down last year with all the time they had play and our O's inability to score touchdowns.  I don't know how much improvement we need to see to make us a playoff team.  We could be in the mix for a Division title, but then again maybe not.  We will see.

Excitement Level:  Muted for now.

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