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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day Pike, Bass, and Crappie Action

17.75" River2Sea Bubble Walker
3:00-7:00PM N Side of Don's Bay Juice & at the GOMH
Conditions: 57-40 degrees, Mostly Sunny, NNW Wind turning calm, Water Temp 49-48 degrees.

I started out fishing in the juice reeds.  Didn't get anything there, but as soon as I went onto the flat I started getting pike the biggest of which was.  I caught 4 and had a few hits I didn't get to see.  I then moved closer to shore in the calm water and fished with the Bubble Walker.  I had a fish up by shore miss.  I cast back and had another bite and I got it.
14.5" Bubble Walker
 I think it might have been a different smaller fish.  I then got a 15" bass in the thick shallow cabbage on the Bubble Walker.  Fish then started busting here and there.  I got the 17.75" casting out.  It was hooked in the gill, but I got it unhooked and back in the water quickly.  I think it will survive.
Where the sun was at when I got the 17.75"

I moved around on the juice chasing busting fish, but then they started busting all around me, but I couldn't get a hit.  And the one's that did didn't get the lure.  My last fish of the night was a crappie of all things.
11" Bubble Walker
It was yet another beautiful November night on the lake.

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