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Monday, September 12, 2016

Elite's At Mille Lacs

6AM at Eddy's
6:00-8:00AM Eddy's Jetty Mille Lacs
Conditions: 65-59 degrees, Wind Sw, Partly cloudy

I didn't get bit.

First Elite to arrive was Chris Lane

Chris Lane
I welcomed Chris to MN when he came by on the trolling motor.

Second guy to launch was Randall Tharp.
Randall Tharp
Third guy to launch was Bradley Roy.  I didn't get a picture of him.  Then came Keith Poche.
Keith Poche

After the sunrise the first one to come through was Dean Rojas.
Dean Rojas
Elites that I didn't take pictures of were Brandon Palaniuk, Adrian Avena, Andy Montgomery, Shaw Grigsby, Bobby Lane, Justin Lucas, and Brett Hite.

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