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Friday, February 20, 2015

2015 Bassmaster Classic Thoughts Day 1

The Good:  David Walker getting a award for helping save a father of 4 kids life.

  The live on the water coverage was really good for the most part.  They picked the right anglers to follow on day 1.  It's to bad that Hack's feed didn't work.  It's a good thing the anglers they picked for the live on the water coverage were catching fish and keeping us entertained, otherwise the coverage would have sucked.

My switching out Morizo for Brett Hite.  Thank You Rich Lindgren.

The Bad:  BASS discontinuing the interviews as they come off the water that they did last year and ending the live on the water feeds 2-hours before the tournament day is over.  Also the on the water blog coverage didn't seem as good or comprehensive as last year.  The good live action that they were able to get really saved BASS's bacon.

I think they need to tell Mercer, Zona, and Sanders to resist the urge to be constant play by play announcers.  A lot of the time I felt less of them and more from the anglers on the water would have been better.  Zona and Mercer were definitely better at letting less be more than was Mercer.

The Ugly: Skeet Reese's Huk banana pants.

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